IRA Inheritance

Leaving a legacy, not a liability, on IRAs.

Inherited IRA Analysis With Wealth Preservation

Impact of Lump Sum vs Inherited IRA

Without a "stretch" IRA, you could leave a large sum to the IRS.
See the difference below WITH the inherited IRA.


Lump Sum (Without Inherited IRA)

Inherited IRA

  • Benefits of Tax Deferral Lost
  • Benefits of Tax Deferral Continue
  • Estate Taxes Due
  • Income Taxes on Distributions Only
  • Income Taxes Due
  • Lifetime Income Provided to Children and Grandchildren
  *Estimated Distributions Subject To Income Tax at the Beneficiary's Tax Rate.  Taxes may be reduced by a credit for Estate Taxes attributable to the IRA

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(401K, 457, IRA, TERI, etc.)

You must have proper beneficiary designation forms!

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