I am an employee of the South Carolina Employment Security Commission and I attended the Retirement Planning seminar presented by Flexible Benefits Agency, Inc. several months ago.  With the strategies we used, I was able to increase the return on my money considerably and all of those gains are tax deferred.  I will participate in the stock market gains, but will never participate in any losses. 

 My mother, age 87, was impressed and wanted to increase her monthly income and not worry about losing any of her principal.  With the plans and strategies prepared by Flexible Benefits Agency, Inc., she was able to increase her monthly income 28%, lower her taxes, and avoid probate court on these assets.  In essence, she and I will never lose any money and with the “Map” program (Mathematical Allocation Plan) prepared by Flexible Benefits Agency, Inc. she will never run out of money!  In addition, she set up a “living trust” that will enable her to avoid all of her assets being “tied up” in probate court when that time comes. 

 What a relief!  We were able to accomplish all of this with the guidance from Flexible Benefits Agency, Inc., and they did not charge us a dime for the services they performed.  Thank you, Flexible Benefits.

- Virginia E. Winn

After attending a seminar by Flexible Benefits Agency, Inc., I moved some money from my IRA into an Equity Index Annuity. I lost some money the last couple of years in mutual funds and simply was tired of not having some type of guarantees. The Equity Index annuity provides me the opportunity for gains, but guarantees no losses!

My dad was retiring in a few months and he was interested in the concept of never losing money and never running out of money. The majority of his 401(K) was rolled over into annuities utilizing the "MAP" (Mathematical Allocation Plan) provided by Flexible Benefits Agence, Inc. and Jim Hendricks. My dad and I are very satisfied with the empathy and manner that was exhibited by Flexible benefits Agency, Inc. Everyone needs to look at this. And by the way, we were not charged for this service. Thanks again.

-Wallace P.


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